Remote Employee Video Testimonials To Prove Why Your Company is Great

Turn your skilled workers into your company spokespeople through remote employee video testimonials.

The Skilled Trades Has a Hiring Problem

31 million positions will be left vacant by 2022 due to retiring baby boomers
62% of skilled trades employers struggle to fill positions
74% of skilled trades employers predict a shortfall of qualified workers in the next 5 years

Stand Out from Other Job Postings with
Employee-Submitted Testimonials

Let your employees become your spokespeople. See in action below:


You Ask a Series of Questions to Your Skilled Workers


You Send an Email & Your Skilled Workers Respond


We Make Professionally Edited  Videos for Social/Careers Pages

Employee Video Testimonial Examples:

You don’t have to pull your workers off the job to get video testimonials – it’s 2021, everyone has a cell phone.

See How It Works

Learn about the three-step process to see how a project works.

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