Become A Driver Recruiting Machine

We help overhaul transportation recruiting departments into machines that hire qualified drivers without needing to spend a cent more in advertising.

How Do You Recruit Drivers Like a Machine?

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Common Driver Recruiting Problems We Solve:

You Can't Generate Enough Leads

"We don't know where to start - we have tried jobs board, Indeed, ZipRecruiter and a sign out front - there are no drivers out there."

You're Only Getting Junk Leads

"We get drivers with <1 year experience, are out of state, not interested in regional/OTR - none of them are qualified!"

You Have No Way to Keep Track of Leads

"I have an an Excel spreadsheet that I keep track of."

You Don't Have Time To Post Your Jobs

"I have to recruit, process, road test, orient and hire drivers. I don't have time to spend on Facebook or Jobs Boards."

You Don't Know What's Working

"We spend $6,000 a month in recruiting and I don't know what's getting us leads/hires."

You Don't Know Where To Start

"I am a former driver, not a marketer/recruiter. I don't care how the watch is made - just tell me the time!"

How We Help

1. The GamePlan

Our flagship 5-week program to help you stand out, conduct a competitive analysis and provide budget and advertiser recommendations.

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2. Guided ATS Setup

Personalized setup of your applicant tracking system to post jobs, create tracking links and set up reports so you understand your recruiting efforts.

3. Campaign Management

Monthly media planning and recruiting source management to get your open positions in front of drivers.

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