Testimonials Less Awkward
by Mark Wayner

by Mark Wayner

Make Testimonial Requests Less Awkward with Call and Response Video

You’ve been there before…A customer has an awesome experience with your product or service and says something that would be the perfect quote for your website or marketing.

“Can you write that paragraph out in an email? Or, can I fire up Zoom so you can say that again?”


So how can you capture that moment in it’s authentic form after the fact?

Ask for a Quick Video Testimonial

Be quick on your feet and turn the focus back on them and say something like:

“[Name of client] – that’s amazing. Thank you for saying that, I/we’re super jazzed you feel that way. Would you mind doing a 2-minute testimonial after this call that we could use to help people like you benefit from our product/service?”

Boom. Now you’ve funneled their happiness into a simple yes or no question.

But still, how do you make it less awkward for them to do a testimonial?

Make Process Painless

The number one rule: make testimonial requests on-demand and asynchronous.

With not a minute to spare at work, coordinating two schedules is practically impossible these days.

So how are you supposed to do a video testimonial if neither of the participants are present?

The New Wave: Call and Response Video

Think about it: why are well-structured surveys so effective? 

Good surveys are:

  1. Low-commitment
  2. Able to be done in 3 minutes or less (and are usually multiple choice answers until the end when you’re more engaged)
  3. Actually fun to fill out – not tedious

The same principles apply to video, specifically call and response video. 

If you haven’t heard, call and response video is a new form of one-to-one communication at scale.

Check out the example below, which is a call and response video that uses the platform VideoAsk:

As you’ll see, the opportunities are endless for a platform like this, whether that’s lead generation, feedback, surveys or…testimonials!

As you see, the opportunities are endless for a platform like this, whether that’s lead generation, feedback, surveys or…testimonials!

Making the Ask Less Awkward

Now that your brain is buzzing with ideas (believe me, we were there too) when it comes to VideoAsk, you can now see how easy it would be to simply record some questions, send on over and add to your website.

So what are you waiting for?! 

Start brainstorming some questions for your next testimonial and build it into your Customer Success check-in process.

Or, if you need help shooting or even just editing your video testimonial responses into a well-composed story, book a 20-minute call today to learn about how we can help turn your happy customers into your sales team.

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