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How Will Video Testimonials Help You Hire Drivers?

The peanut butter combination of video testimonials + social media advertising is what will drive applications and hires for your fleet.

Video Works

Drivers Are On Social Media

How To Get Your Free Video Testimonial


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Pre-Record Your Questions

We guide you through the process of recording the questions that will go out to your driver.

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Send Your Driver The
Pre-Recorded Questions

Send out the request to your driver and he/she will respond straight from their phone while on the road.


Get Your Videos

We'll instantly get notified, create your videos and deliver everything you need to get it published online to help you recruit drivers.

Frequently Asked questions

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. During our initial meeting, we’ll ask you about what makes your company unique. Then, once we have an understanding of how you can best stand out, we’ll create the questions that will evoke the best response from your driver.

We recommend selecting a driver that either has a unique story of how you went above and beyond to put them in the position to where they are now, or, you can select a driver that has a longer tenure with you that can attest to how great of a fleet you are to drive for.

All you have to do is record the questions we provide and then shoot out a quick email/text message to your driver. 


All the video editing, branding, creative and polishing is done on our end!

We highly recommend launching this video in your social media recruiting strategy. 


If you need help with your strategy, or you don’t have one at all, we recommend getting in touch with Meramec Solutions to help create your plan.

Testimonials From Clients

"Meramec Solutions are honest and are in it to help their clients! They take the time to follow up with us regularly and adjust as our needs change. We are a life long customer of Meramec!


"Wayfind Creative has helped our clients stand out as great fleets to drive for using their video testimonial service, Driver Response...We couldn't be happier with the results!"


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