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How to Get Drivers to Tell Compelling Video Testimonials

When drivers get camera-shy, it can result in a worse end product for your video testimonials.

Trying to get compelling answers from your drivers can be challenging because you’re working with “non-actors.” In other words, the people who are volunteering their time aren’t paid professionals, so you can’t expect them to perform like a seasoned pro.

Luckily, we’ve worked with non-actors of all shapes and sizes, so we’ve learned a thing or two about extracting the best story no matter who’s doing the talking.

In this post, we’ll talk about some helpful tips for getting your drivers to deliver compelling testimonials that result in a more natural, believable, and effective end-product. 

1. Set Them up with a Story Framework

Bad jokes fail because they lack structure. 

The same can be said about telling a story.

You could have the greatest punchline or ending to a story in the world, but if you fail to set it up properly, the delivery will bomb.

As Dr. Donald Miller writes in his book, Building a Storybrand:

“The human brain is drawn toward clarity. The more simple and the predictable the communication is, the easier it is for the brain to digest. Story formula puts everything in order so the brain doesn’t have to figure out what’s going on.”

By using a framework, you’re enlisting in a technique that has proven to hold the attention of audiences through centuries of storytelling.

So how do you apply the elements of storytelling to a driver testimonial?

It’s simple: you set them up with questions that follow the framework

Here are the five elements of storytelling, plus questions that can aid the journey from discovery to solution.


Character development

  • What is your name, your company and how long have you been driving for them?
  • Where did you work prior to working for us?

“Life before” statement

  • What did a day in the life look like at your previous job?
  • How did you feel about that?
  • What kept you up at night when you were thinking about switching jobs during that time?

Rising Action

Competing alternatives statement

  • What other jobs were you looking at when seeking to solve your problem? (not just other trucking positions either)
  • What were some of the things that turned you off when you explored those options?


The Decision to Choose YOUR Company

  • How does this job stack up against the alternatives?
  • What were the core reasons that stood out about working with us?

Falling Action

“Change I’ve Seen” Statement

  • How is your life different now than it was before working here?


The Blessing

  • What would you tell colleagues about this company?
  • What would you tell someone who is in the same situation you were?

Using this structure and flow to your questions will guarantee you high-quality video testimonials from your drivers. 

2. Know Your Audience

If your content is falling flat, it could be you’re not considering your audience.

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience: what do they want to hear? What details resonate with them? What questions can you ask your drivers that haven’t been asked before?

From doing driver testimonial videos, we know that some of the key benefits drivers talk about are:

  • Being treated like a person and not a number
  • Having a carrier that cares about safety and not purely profit
  • Having top-rated equipment
  • Helping them with career growth and progression

Those points are important for drivers. However, I want to challenge you and ask:

  • What else is your fleet doing to stand out from other employers?
  • Are there intangibles does your company offer that you can ask about?
  • What do your drivers care about and provide you feedback on?

A good way to answer these questions is to use a service like Driver Response. Driver Response allows you to collect driver feedback remotely for a more effective driver recruitment process.

However, some other ways can include a simple phone call or even a driver engagement survey to hear the voice of your drivers.

3. Get Help from a Seasoned Story Producer

Let’s face it: there’s a reason why we binge watch shows on Netflix – the people who are making them are really good at hooking you in on the story. They bob and weave through the story framework like a skier carving down a mountain. It’s a fun journey and takes a lot of skill to master. 

Using a seasoned story producer can help you identify the details and story elements you need to make a strong testimonial. That includes things like what critical pains the driver was going through before working for your company and what led them to ultimately choose your job. 

These are the details that could be a tipping point for another driver watching who is unhappy with their current position. With an effective story framework, you’ll have drivers shouting at their screens, “That sounds like me!”

Story producers help you tie your vision to what’s produced on screen. They are the bridge between your idea and the reality that gets produced.

Use a Professional Video Editor

Even if you have a great story, you still need the maestro behind the scenes to help put it together.

Video editing is an art. Visual storytelling is now much more than putting video clips back to back. It’s about using music, graphics, captions and more to help present the story in the most succinct and effective way possible.

And when it comes to video for social media recruiting, you are working with nanoseconds of potential job candidates’ attention span. It’s vital to get the story told quickly and efficiently.

Better Video Testimonials Equals Better Recruiting

You’re competing with half a dozen other carriers for the same driver. You need a way to stand out from the crowd. Effective driver video testimonials could be the solution for you.

With the tips we gave you here, you can create effective, polished, and professional driver video testimonials. Put them to use to land your next all-star driver.

In the meantime, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave any additional tips or questions in the comments below!

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